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Helping People Make Smart Decisions About Their Money.

You Work Hard For Your Money.

Building financial security is no easy task. 

You have to know how to juggle family finances, pay for the kids’ education, fund a rewarding quality of life, save for those unexpected emergencies and plan for retirement.  It can quickly become overwhelming.

To help create and sustain financial security, you should consider professional guidance.

Isn’t It Time Your Money Worked Hard for You?

Isn’t It Time Your Money Worked Hard for You?

Our firm was founded to help individuals and small businesses attain and exceed their financial goals.

Our clients realize the importance of developing an ongoing working relationship with their financial advisor and the need to review their goals and progress regularly.

With our keen perspective as both a Certified Public Accountant and as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM practitioner, we are in a unique position to help you manage and even reduce your taxes.

Coupled with the use of the Wealth Development Index, we manage your assets as a whole, often discovering new and better ways to help make your money work harder for you.

Since our firm believes that life is truly a journey and not just a destination, we enjoy our clients who believe as we do that life is good!

Our comprehensive approach forms the core of a unique relationship that evolves and changes as we work together to help turn your dreams of financial security into reality. 

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You Choose the Compensation.<strong><br /></strong>

You Choose the Compensation.

For our services, compensation depends on the client’s wishes: commissions, fee-based on assets under management, or hourly fee (not an option for investment advice - hourly fee available only for CPA services).

We fully disclose our total compensation before we implement any plan of action. Of course, the initial consultation for financial services is complimentary.   There is a $100 initial consultation fee for our CPA services.  This fee is credited to your next invoice for any CPA services.

Because It’s Not What You Earn.  It’s What You Keep.

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